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Piroon & Jit Nantaya

Piroon & Jit Nantaya | Chiang Mai Trekking | The best trekking in Chiang Mai with Piroon Nantaya

We are running our trekking tour business together for more than 20 years now.

We were both born north of Chiang Mai and with our combined experienc we are offering truly unique and authentic trekking in Northern Thailand.

We focus on delivering non-touristic trekking adventures to our guests and take them away into one of the most beautiful areas in all of Thailand where they will get in touch with the simple life of the hilltribes we spend the nights at with our participants.
Our tours will lead you off the beaten tourist paths and into the jungles and rural areas so that you can delve deep into the local culture and way of life in this remote areas.

One of our main goals is that we want our guests to feel like good friends from the very first minute on.

Meet our trekking guides

Our guides | Ae | Chiang Mai Trekking | The best trekking in Chiang Mai with Piroon Nantaya


Age: 31

Ae was born in the Mae Tang province and he spent almost five years in a temple as a novice monk before he started to study Tourism Industry Management (BA) and after that he additionally did the training to become a tour guide and got his license in 2006. Meeting many different people from all over the globe and sharing each others thoughts about the different cultures and habits is something Ae really enjoys a lot.

Our guides | Det | Chiang Mai Trekking | The best trekking in Chiang Mai with Piroon Nantaya


Age: 35

Det is not just another Karen guide, Det is a natural. Thanks to his peaceful charisma, his quiet manner and his extensive knowledge of the customs of the hill tribes, he has earned great recognition from our guests. Det speaks fluent English and our guests always have a great time with him and they have a lot of fun together. Det loves to spend his free time caring for his family, and he is very gifted at bamboo carving.

Our guides | Kan | Chiang Mai Trekking | The best trekking in Chiang Mai with Piroon Nantaya


Age: 45

Kan was born in the Pare province within a Karen tribe and spent almost nine years as a novice monk in a temple before he started to study for a BA in Tourism Industry Management where he has specialized in the ethnic minority knowledge. He also additionally applied for his license as a tour guide in 2002 and has been working as a tour guide since that time. He has a deep knowledge of the buddhism and is very skilled in cooking yummy Thai dishes. Kan is living in Chiang Mai and enjoys trips through the countryside in his time off.

Our guides | Mr. K | Chiang Mai Trekking | The best trekking in Chiang Mai with Piroon Nantaya

Mr. K

Age: 27

Meet Kae, who is descended from a Karen hill tribe and formerly served in the army, and - that is probably no surprise when looking at his career: He loves to move freely in the jungle, using all sorts of survival techniques. In 2009, Kae began working as a sightseeing tour guide in Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai. Nowadays he loves to cook and entertain his guests and friends with vocals and guitar.

Our guides | Pieare | Chiang Mai Trekking | The best trekking in Chiang Mai with Piroon Nantaya


Age: 26

Born and raised in a Karen village Pieare was serving a few years in the Thai Air Force and after that he decided to start his training and got his official license as a tour guide in 2009. Pieare likes long trekking tours into the mountains along with the easyness during a bamboo rafting through the green nature. He is quite good in playing the guitar and he is a pretty good singer too.

Our guides | So | Chiang Mai Trekking | The best trekking in Chiang Mai with Piroon Nantaya


Age: 32

"So" belongs to the Lahu hilltribe. He has been Piroon's sidekick since 2003 and has finally gained his license as a tour guide in 2016. "So" knows the jungle like his back pocket and he spends a lot of his free time hunting and fishing. On top of his outdoor survival skills, Sos specialties when it comes to trekking tours in the jungle are bamboo rafting and crafting children's toys.

Our guides | Song | Chiang Mai Trekking | The best trekking in Chiang Mai with Piroon Nantaya


Age: 34

Song was born within a Lahu tribe village in the Mae Tang area with more then 18 years of experiences as a licenced tour guide. He is a thoughtful and informative guide and as his guest you are in extremely capable hands. He also is an expert at fishing and Thai cooking and enjoys playing the guitar. Song likes long trekking tours into the mountains and bamboo rafting.

Our guides | Sun | Chiang Mai Trekking | The best trekking in Chiang Mai with Piroon Nantaya


Age: 28

Sun is from Baan Mae Jok, a Karen hilltribe vilage. He is doing a lot of studying & training to become a licensed tour guide, meanwhile he is getting the practical experience while working for us as guide & assistance. Sun is a pretty good expert about the nature, he prepares delicious Thai meals and he has some experience in climbing.

Our guides | Wan | Chiang Mai Trekking | The best trekking in Chiang Mai with Piroon Nantaya


Age: 35

Wan was born in a farmer family from a Karen tribe and has started working in the tourist branch in 2007 at an elephant camp where he took care of the pachyderms before he switched to become a tour guide a few years later. Wan is an easy going, very friendly and often funny guy with a wide knowledge of the local culture and nature and he is a very good cook as well. Wan enjoys to meeting new poeple and learning about their different cultures from all around the world.

Absolutely unique and authentic | Chiang Mai Trekking | The best trekking in Chiang Mai with Piroon Nantaya

Chiang Mai Trekking - what makes us so special

The best promotion: what our guests say about us

2019-09-08, 6:22 PM

Highliht unserer 4-wöchigen Thailandreise

Gilla Riedlinger, Germany

Diese drei Tage Trekkingtour mit unserem Guide "Kan" war für mich ein ganz besonderes und einmaliges Erlebnis. Wir wurden während der Trekkingtour auf so viele "Naturwunder" von Kan aufmerksam gemacht. Dinge, die wir mit unseren Augen niemals entdeckt hätten wiezum Beispiel ein Tarantelloch mit Spinne, ... [More...]

2019-08-11, 7:53 PM

3 Tage-Jungle-Trekking mit Prakan

Mirjam & Roger Christen-Albertin mit Kids, Switzerland

Der Trip war zwar ein bisschen teurer, aber unsere Erwartungen wurden bei weitem übertroffen. Prakan ging vollumfänglich auf unsere Wünsche ein. Es war wirklich ein persönliches und individuelles Trekking-Erlebnis: Ob eine zusätzliche Wanderung oder das gemeinsame Erlernen und Singen des Elephant ... [More...]

2019-07-29, 8:13 PM

Trekking Tour

CorThiTho, Switzerland

Back from a one-day-trekking tour and absolutely enthused. What an experience definitely far from beaten tourists? paths! Having a cooling swim at Mork Fa waterfall, hiking up and down the hills with their beautiful tropical vegetation while learning about nature from our friendly guide Jojo, enjoying ... [More...]

2019-07-09, 5:42 PM

Trekking 3 jours Anouk Romane Nico et Elsa

Bailly Elsa cullerier Nicolas, France

Une très belle expérience en famille . Un grand merci à nos deux guides en or Joe et Sang qui ont toujours été aux petits soins pour nous toujours de bonne humeur et excellents cuisiniers .toute la famille est unanime cela restera un de nos plus beaux moments en Thaïlande . Notre seul regret : ... [More...]

2019-05-26, 10:19 AM

3 Tage 2 Nächte

Tjorven and Mirco, Germany

Wir haben zu zweit, eine private 3 Tage 2 Nächte Tour gebucht und hatten Bobby als Guide. Wir haben in den drei Tagen sehr viel gesehen und wurden überall sehr freundlich empfangen. Bobby wusste auf jede Frage eine Antwort und man merkte ihm seine Erfahrung im Trekking an. Das Essen was Bobby für ... [More...]


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