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We are very happy to be part of so many memories from all our guests worldwide and we would like to say thank you to anyone who has been travelling with us - be it on a trekking tour or on a private sightseeing tour.
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Comments from our valued guests

2017-03-18, 5:41 PM

Amazing Trip

Manu, Germany

Wow wow wow!
Als ich die Kommentare hier im Gästebuch gelesen habe, muss ich sagen, dass meine Erwartungen an die Tour sehr hoch waren. Dennoch hat es Noon, der beste und herzlichste Guide der Welt, sowie unsere wahnsinnig harmonische Gruppe, geschafft meine hohen Erwartungen zu übertreffen. Die Tour ist mit sehr viel Liebe gestaltet und ich bin mir sicher, dass hier niemand enttaüscht wird. Ich möchte nicht so viel Vorweg nehmen. Wenn ihr am Abend mit einem Bier am Lagerfeuer sitz, das Klingen der Gitarre hört (Noon hatte eine Gitarre dabei und konnte spielen) und interessante, lustige Gespäche mit den Leuten führt, könnt ihr sicher sein, dass die Anstrengung des Tages vergessen sein wird und ihr euch freut, was ihr heute geschafft habt. Die Dänen kommentierten es mit 'That's Hygge'.

Noon ist der beste Guide und ich würde diese Tour immer wieder buchen. Das einzige was ich bereue ist, dass ich keine Flip Flops bei hatte ?

2017-01-15, 10:58 PM

Most wonderful trekking tour

Stephanie and Tobias Konopac, Germany

We spend 3 most wonderful days with Piroon and 2 other German couples
- Tour itself was very interesting; we very nice nature
- Elefant riding was very exiting
- Bamboo rafting was a nice challange
- Piroons dishes were the nicest food we had in Thailand!
- Piroon is a very good, experienced guide, who is very prudent and responsible (big fun, but always safety first!)
- during rain saison, I suggest to stick on Piroons suggestion to wear long trousers and good boots due to Moscitos and mud!

2016-12-04, 10:20 AM

Amazing adventzure

Elke and Uwe, Germany

End of November 2016 we did a 3-days-trekkingtour with our tourguide Mike. We had a great time together with him and profited very much from his experience as a guide, his knowledge about all plants, animals, rice cultivation ... It was a very amazing adventure to be in the Jungle, to ride elephants and to visit remote villages. We really can recommend "Chiang Mai Trekking" and our guide Mike!

2016-11-29, 8:16 PM

Great, funny and lovely

Ferdinand O., Germany

we Ferdi (35) and Hannah (31) from Karlsruhe (Germany) been on the 3 days trekking Tour with the Guide Soa and his nephew Eddy. From the first meeting with Soa right in the middle of Chiang Mai until the last good Bye at our Hotel the Trip was an absolutely outstanding Experience.
The trekking Tour trough the wild Jungle was our first touch with the wilderness. Soa and Eddy explained us everything, they showed us a lot of interesting plants and animals. On the second day we had our unforgettable experience with the two old elephants. Riding on the back of an elephant feels akward and crazy and your back is gonna be very very dirty. But nevermind just jump right after into the fresh river and everything is great.
At the end of the second day and after a splashy ride through the river we had a perfect Thai made BBQ with Soa and the group. Thats something we will never forget.

Thank you so much for it. And special regards to Yit, Soa and Eddy.
Hope to see you in some time again.
Best regards,
Ferdi & Hannah

2016-11-27, 9:14 AM

Unforgettable experience, Wonderful guide

Naimah Ibrahim, United Kingdom

We booked a three day/two night trekking tour in the jungle and as first timers we didn't really know what to expect. Trekking through the jungle, sleeping in huts under the stars in the local villages, delicious meals prepared by candlelight, showering in fresh running springs, bamboo rafting down the river, riding elephants through the jungle - these are just a few of the many unforgettable experiences we shared. We were in great company with our wonderful tour guide, Mike, whose genuine warmth and hospitality truly enabled everyone to feel at home and like one big family. I would definitely recommend booking this tour, and would personally be looking to book other tours with the same company. Loved every moment of it!!

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