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We are very happy to be part of so many memories from all our guests worldwide and we would like to say thank you to anyone who has been travelling with us - be it on a trekking tour or on a private sightseeing tour.
Many of our guests would like to share their experience with Chiang Mai Trekking with others looking for a perfect trekking adventure and we will be very happy if you add your comments after your trekking tour with us to our Guestbook and/or review us at Facebook, Google or TripAdvisor.

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Comments from our valued guests

2012-03-25, 10:49 AM
Lisa & Lars

We just came back home to Germany from a three months trip through southeast Asia and there have been a lot of great things we got to see and to do. But whenever somebody asks us about the highlights of our time in Asia, we first mention the trekking we got to do with Piroon.
This has been an incredibly interesting, fascinating and familiar trip during which Piroon introduced us not only to the impressive nature of northern Thailand but also to the great food that his friends in the villages personally cooked for us.
There are hundreds of trips like this offered and they all are much cheaper. But we had been told so many bad things about those (no food provided, way more costs on the way, no real relationship to the tour guides, very rare and short highlights not worth mentioning..), we decided to join Piroon. It was the best thing we can do and we recommend everyone to support him and his small and personal family business instead of the big travel comanies which are all about making money!
Thank you so much! This is something we'll be talking about for decades...

2012-03-06, 10:14 AM
Rikke Sinclair

We are two families who just got back from the best trekking ever!
Piroon, Jit, and mr. G showed us the real Northern Thailand, and they looked after us in a very special way. We will never forget the fantastic evening around the fire, drinking happy water while listening to Hotel California (You play the guitar very well, Piroon!)Not to mention the fantastic scenery, great food, and of course the bamboo rafting! We are so grateful for that
experience -thank you so much.
We wish you all the luck in the future, and hopefully to see you again next year.
Lots of thoughts,
Neil, Emma, Olivia and Rikke Sinclair

2011-12-18, 2:39 PM

Wir sind nun wieder zurück in Deutschland, haben eben die Bilder angeschaut und sind einfach immer noch begeistert von deiner Tour durch den Dschungel. Ich kann sie nur jedem empfehlen, es uns nachzumachen. Man kann hier nichts falsch machen. Ich will gar nichts zu viel verraten, geht zu Piroon, macht eine Tour, und seht noch einen Hauch vom echten Thailand, fernab vom Tourismus....
We just came back from Thailand and watches our pictures. We are still very happy when we think back to our time with you walking through the jungle. I just can recommend everyone, who reads this, to make this tour. It will be great! I also don't want to say too much, you have to make your own experiences. Just go to Piroon, make a tour, and then you can see some parts of the original thailand, away of all the tourism....
Dear Piroon,
thank you for the trekking. We will have so many good memories of you. And also thank you for Kate's Towel. You can't believe how happy she was, when you returned it.
Have some good days! Maybe we will see us someday again. Please say also some greetings to Suwarin.
Take care!
Kate and Michael

2011-12-06, 4:28 PM
Oliver and Sabine

Hey Piroon!
Hello San!
Back in Germany we wanted to say hi and thank you for the wonderful Trekking Tour (21st-23rd Nov, 2011). It was exactly what we wanted..., not what we expected! It was even better!
It was a wonderful mixture of adventure and leisure and fun and action! We were looking for a Trekking Tour "off the beaten track", with no dancing or painting elephants nor as sensations displayed long neck women. And in Piroon´s Tour we found it.
We were looking for a real Trek..., and the hours of walking through the jungle in upper heights above sealevel were exhausting, gave perfect views of rice fields and mountain views- also exactly what we wanted.
The food Piroon prepared was great!
(even collected chillies for example during the trek to use for cooking. By the way he caught two fish during the raft with a flyfishing rod in one hand and the bamboo stick for steering in the other!!!unbelievable!)
What we experienced was Piroon in being very professional and helpful. He is a very good hearted man and we would definitely go on a deserted island with him...., we would survive for sure!
Example for professionalism: he insisted in visiting us one evening before the trek to see if we´re in a proper body condition and if our trekking equipment would meet the requirements. That was great and gave us a good feeling.
We had a lot of laughter and guitar singing at the fireplaces with "hapy water"! Awesome...
The huts we were staying in were of course rugged and gave us a feeling of going back in time...., but at the same time opened our eyes that what we think is normal should be appreciated more. It would not work if we would have stayed in a nice hotel room...., so if you´re looking for comfort..., don´t do it! If you look for a lifetime it! The sound of the river in the back of the house, the smell of the fireplace, the sky full of stars and the uprising sun in the morning were perfect...., to corny for a movie but unforgettable in real life...
Piroon always smiles and his eyes show that he loves what he does. He had so much knowledge of plants and animals and the habits of Thai and hilltribe culture..., you could ask whatever and he had an answer!
Thank you Piroon and San for the great time! =)
We wish you a lot of success with your business and we wish San good luck for being a guide himself one day!
We loved your tour and will recommend it to anyone who will go to Chiang Mai!
Thank you.
Sabine and Oli (back in the office in germany...)

2011-12-06, 1:10 PM
Stijn Keunen

Met dank aan Piroon die mijn vakantie tot een onvergetelijke herinnering heeft gemaakt!
20 jaar geleden ben ik voor het eerst met Piroon het woud in getrokken. Ongelooflijk dat die gast nog echt zo enthousiast zijn werk doet als toen. Wat maakt het toch een verschil als iemand leeft voor z'n job he.
Avonturiers..ik kan je deze jongen warm aanbevelen! Professionele aanpak, betrouwbaar als beton, waar voor je geld! Vooral fantastisch vindt ik hoe deze kerel in staat was het koppel dat de trekking onderschat had knap op te vangen zodat ze toch een avontuurlijke tocht mochten beleven naar hun capaciteiten en tevens met de groep konden meegenieten van de onvergetelijk hartverwarmende romantische kampvuuravonden. Ook goede uitleg over natuur en leven in het woud. Piroon was er dag en nacht voor het team, en het was door jou en die ongelooflijke mensen in de bergen dat ik Thailand weer heb verlaten met tranen in de ogen!
Tot weerziens, man naar m'n hart! Remember you guitar boy!
Stijn Keunen (46), Belgium

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