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We are very happy to be part of so many memories from all our guests worldwide and we would like to say thank you to anyone who has been travelling with us - be it on a trekking tour or on a private sightseeing tour.
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Comments from our valued guests

2011-11-13, 5:57 PM
Attila Farkas

Beutaztam már a fél világot de ilyen szép és autentikus túrában még nem volt részem!! Csodás élmény volt Piroon-nal járni az észak thaiföldi dzsungelt, igazi rizstermesztö és gazdálkodó népeket megismerni. Mindenkinek aki Chiang Maiban jár csak ajánlani tudom!! Ha valakinek kérdése lenne a túrával kapcsolatban, bátran írjon, kérdezzen.
Thank you Piroon for everything!! It was the best adventure in my life! Many greetings from Norbert and Zsolt also!
Take care and best wishes for your family!

2011-10-19, 9:49 PM
Irene Gattinger

September 2011: 3 unvergessliche Tage im "Outback" von Thailand. Es war traumhaft schön, unglaublich aufregend, wir haben sooooo gut gegessen, wir haben gelacht, gesungen und tolle Menschen kennen gelernt! Danke für die tolle Tour!
Dear Piroon, it have been 3 unforgetable days in the "outback" of Thailand. The landscape was so beautiful, the tour was exciting, incredible, wet and funny. You cooked so great meals!!! (baked bananas yummi yummi). We enjoyed the last evening when you played the guitar, we laughed soo much with the young guy in the village (water with herbals yummi yummi :-)). We met so nice people! Thank you so much for the great and fantastic tour! Greetings to your wife Jit!
God bless you! greetings from germany the girl with the heart like an ant Irene
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I have already recommended you to all off my friends!!

2011-07-17, 8:16 PM
Agustin Martino

Hi Piroon,
I can only reinforce what my friend Jaime said. We really enjoyed doing trekking with you. The fact of being Jaime and me alone with you, going through the forest, hearing these sounds and having those views made our trip very special.
You created the atmosphere to make us fell comfortable and we have some moments in our memories that we will never forget them.
Many thanks and good luck in your future projects.
Agustin Martino

2011-07-12, 1:51 PM

Hi Mr Pi Roon,
Seguro que mi amigo Martino, escribe mejor que yo en inglés, yo dejo el mensaje en español para aventureros de mi pais que visiten tu web.
De los doce días que he estado en thailandia, entre Bangkok, chiang mai y la isla de Kosamui, me quedo con los tres días de trekking que tuve el placer de disfrutar contigo.
Ha sido una experiencia inolvidable por todo, por los paisajes que nos enseñaste, por el buen trato que nos diste, por conocer los poblados de la jungla, por las noches cantando y charlando contigo, las cataratas, el rafting con la balsa de bambú, la sensación de seguridad en todo momento.
Si dudáis en ir o no, mi consejo es que no os lo perdáis!!
Un abrazo y mucha suerte!

2011-05-11, 1:18 AM
Nayenna Keunen

Hi dear travelers,
If you have any doubts about not going… than you have now idea what you are about to miss. I did Piroon’s tour more than 4 times now ( I’m his niece and live in Belgium.)
I never felt more alive after what Piroon showed to me. You can ask him how much I fell in love with the mountains and the people living there. So I speak from the heart when I recommend Piroon as a guide. Everyone can tell he’s good at what he does. Piroon knows the jungle as if it was his own backyard and the tribes love to see him come as well. On top of that, when it comes to cooking he’s a master chef . In short, in Piroon you will find the genuine Thai smile. It’s a perfect opportunity to widen not only your perspective on Thai culture but also on life itself.
The trekking is an adventurous route through the jungle of Northern Thailand with beautiful panoramic views (don’t be surprised if you cross elephants and other exotic animals/insects on your way!). There will certainly be parts that will test your perseverance but these are the golden moments. I can talk about Piroon’s tour for hours, but I will spare you (and save myself from being thought of as a mad woman). I just know you’ll create the best memories out there with Piroon, and maybe like me, cherish them deep in the core of your heart ?
Nayenna Keunen, Belgium (20)

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