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We are very happy to be part of so many memories from all our guests worldwide and we would like to say thank you to anyone who has been travelling with us - be it on a trekking tour or on a private sightseeing tour.
Many of our guests would like to share their experience with Chiang Mai Trekking with others looking for a perfect trekking adventure and we will be very happy if you add your comments after your trekking tour with us to our Guestbook and/or review us at Facebook, Google or TripAdvisor.

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Comments from our valued guests

2013-06-07, 11:11 AM
Melanie & Uli,Judith& Ulrich,Nadine& Patrick.

Dear Piroon & JIt.
Thank you very much for this wonderful experience ! to have the chance being with you on this 3 day trekking tour made our time in Thailand to something really special. We aways felt secure and enjoiyed the tour with you so much.
WE really appreciated your explanations about Thailand's Nature and Culture.
It was the best trekking experience we have ever had! Food was excellent ! -Better than any food we god in Restaurants and Hotel during our holiday in Thailand.
Thanks again :)
Best Wisher From Germany.
Melanie& Uli
Judith & Ulrich
Nadine & Patrick

2013-04-12, 9:13 AM
lars & Alex.

We made the three days/two nights trip and it was worth every single penny. It was all well organised, we felt safe all the time, we ate the best thai food, we learned a lot about the jungle (which in fact is more like a forest), we learned to deal with spiders, leeches, elephants and buffalos - in the end, we were proud and full of luck after our trip. Piroon always kept an eye on the environment and took all rubbish with him. The Elephants were well treated, the accommodations were all as clean as possible, "luxury in the jungle" as Piroon said. It would be great for everybody if all tourist guides would do their job as Piroon does - full of respect, with gusto, great knowledge, sustainable, fair and with a smile. We would like go back as soon as possible to enjoy a longer trip with Piroon through the jungle of northern Thailand. Piroon, thank you again for this wonderful trip - it was the very best experience we have had during our time in Thailand. I hope we meet again and then for more than only three days. Warm greetings to you and your lovely wife! Kind regards, Lars & Alex

2013-04-06, 5:06 AM

ich habe die 3 tages tour gebucht. die tour war toll, uns hat es an nichts gemangelt, insbesondere da piroon ein sehr guter koch ist!

2013-04-05, 4:12 AM

Nachdem ich im Internet viele positive Berichte über das Trekking mit Piroon in Chiang Mai gelesen habe, organisierte ich ohne Probleme einen Trip mit ihm per E-Mail. Da es in diesen Tagen noch keine andere Gruppe gab, der ich mich anschließen konnte, buchte ich eine Tour alleine, die zwar ein wenig teurer war, aber den Preis definitiv wert. Piroon und seine nette Frau holen einen vom Flughafen oder Busstation ab und erklären den Verlauf des Trips. Während dem Trip sieht man tolle Landschaften, interessante kleine Dörfer, kann Elefanten durch den Fluss reiten und Bambusfloß fahren. Während der ganzen Tour sahen wir keine anderen Gruppen und waren für uns allein. Ein einmaliges Erlebnis, das von Piroons netter Art, seinen Erklärungen sowie Erzählungen und dem tollem Essen abgerundet wird.
Ich kann Piroons Tour sehr empfehlen. Für thailändische Verhältnisse ist die Tour etwas teurer (ca. das doppelte von den Standardtouren im Massentourismus, wo man in großen Gruppen Elefanten entlang der Straße reitet und an überlaufenen Stellen des Flusses Floß fährt), aber definitiv wert und für deutsche Verhältnisse noch immer sehr günstig. Am besten lässt sich die Tour per E-Mail buchen (dadurch kommt auch der volle Preis direkt bei ihm an und wird nicht durch Kommission )

2013-03-02, 5:38 PM
Marc & Conny

We have been on the same tour as Konstantin (No. 46) and Bianca (No. 47) from February 2nd till 4th.
Piroon was a recommendation of a colleague and we contacted him already a month before we flew to Thailand. Email communication and booking worked fine.
The tour was great. As Konstantin already wrote, Piroon went with us on trekking paths where we only met a few locals going for a hunt but no other tourists. The villages he took us were authentic and the dinners he cooked for us were amazing. He is a great cook!
The elephant riding is really nice, as the elephant takes you good part of the way through and next to the river. So you won’t go in a circle. And we had lots of fun with Piroon on the bamboo rafts, which are also part of the tour.
Overall Piroon told us lots of interesting stuff, took really good care of us and made an awesome trip with us.
I totally agree with Konstantin, this was worth every Bath.
Thanks for the great time,
Marc & Conny

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