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We are very happy to be part of so many memories from all our guests worldwide and we would like to say thank you to anyone who has been travelling with us - be it on a trekking tour or on a private sightseeing tour.
Many of our guests would like to share their experience with Chiang Mai Trekking with others looking for a perfect trekking adventure and we will be very happy if you add your comments after your trekking tour with us to our Guestbook and/or review us at Facebook, Google or TripAdvisor.

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Comments from our valued guests

2013-09-11, 8:52 PM
Alex & Thomas

Wir sind zurück in Deutschland von unser 3 Tages Tour mit Piroon. Wir möchten uns bedanken für eine tolle Tour durch den tiefen Dschungel. Es war ein super Erlebnis, an das wir gerne zurückdenken. Die Bergdörfer in der Natur sind einfach wundervoll gelegen und vermitteln einem guten Einblick in das Bergleben der Bewohner. Nicht zu vergessen ist natürlich das Elefantenreiten und das Rafting, das dank der Regenzeit richtig wild war. Umsorgt wurden wir bestens von Piroon und seinem super leckeren Essen.
We are just coming back to Germany after a 3 day trip with Piroon. We want to say Thank you for the fantastic trip through the jungle. That was an amazing experience that we will remember. The villages in the hills were very nice und we see the way they live. Also the elephant riding and the Rafting was great. With a lot of water we had many fun on the River. Piroon is a fantastic cooker and has made delicious meals for us.

2013-09-11, 6:22 PM

My Family and I joined Piroons Trekking Tour in August 2013 and it was incredible! Unlike all the other Trekking Tours you can book in Chiang Mai Piroons is a bit more expensive but ist definetly worth it ! With Piroon you get a real jungle experience and get to know all the People from the hill tribes! They give you a very warm welcome and if you like you are welcome to help them preperaing Food and get a closer look in their lifes without electricity. The hike is definetly exhausting but everyone is able to make it ! So if you want a great experience away from all the tourists Piroon it is !
Thanks very much Piroon und Jit !

2013-09-10, 3:43 PM
Nick & Alex

We just settled back into the hustle of NY and I had to come on to express just how amazing our experience was. The entire trekk was so well planned and allowed us to experience the real forest. Many other tour companies take you up to the villages through the main road, but Piroon took us through the heart of the forest, seeing nature first hand. In addition to the great experience trekking, elephant riding, and bamboo rafting, the food that is cooked throughout the trip is absolutely amazing. Piroon and his wife are some of the kindest Thais we met on our journey and I couldn't imagine trekking with any other company.
Thanks for the amazing experience, we'll never forget it!

2013-08-27, 7:03 AM
Oliver and Sandra.

Back in Germany we wanted to say hi and thank you for the wonderful Trekking Tour (2-4 August 2013). It was exactly what we wanted…, not what we expected! It was even better!
It was a wonderful mixture of adventure and leisure and fun and action! We were looking for a Trekking Tour “off the beaten track”, with no dancing or painting elephants nor as sensations displayed long neck women. And in Piroon´s Tour we found it.
We were looking for a real Trek…, and the hours of walking through the jungle in upper heights above sealevel were exhausting, gave perfect views of rice fields and mountain views- also exactly what we wanted.
The food Piroon prepared was great!
(even collected chillies for example during the trek to use for cooking. By the way he caught two fish during the raft with a flyfishing rod in one hand and the bamboo stick for steering in the other!!!unbelievable!)
What we experienced was Piroon in being very professional and helpful. He is a very good hearted man and we would definitely go on a deserted island with him…., we would survive for sure!
Example for professionalism: he insisted in visiting us one evening before the trek to see if we´re in a proper body condition and if our trekking equipment would meet the requirements. That was great and gave us a good feeling.
We had a lot of laughter and guitar singing at the fireplaces with “hapy water”! Awesome…
The huts we were staying in were of course rugged and gave us a feeling of going back in time…., but at the same time opened our eyes that what we think is normal should be appreciated more. It would not work if we would have stayed in a nice hotel room…., so if you´re looking for comfort…, don´t do it! If you look for a lifetime experience…do it! The sound of the river in the back of the house, the smell of the fireplace, the sky full of stars and the uprising sun in the morning were perfect…., to corny for a movie but unforgettable in real life…
Piroon always smiles and his eyes show that he loves what he does. He had so much knowledge of plants and animals and the habits of Thai and hilltribe culture…, you could ask whatever and he had an answer!
Thank you Piroon and San for the great time
Oliver & Sandra.

2013-08-11, 10:56 PM
Thomas +Simone

sind eben von der Trekking-Tour mit Piroon zurückgekehrt.
Hatten 3 unvergessliche Tage mit Dschungelwanderung, Bekanntschaften mit kleinen Tieren, außergewöhnlich gutem Essen, Elefantenreiten, Bamboo-Rafting und einen schönen Gitarrenabend.
Wir sind müde aber trotzdem sehr froh das alles erlebt haben zu dürfen. Auf der Rückfahrt nach Chiang Mai, konnten wir sehen, wo 80% der anderen Touren stattfinden...kein schönes Bild.
Wir danken Piroon, seiner Frau und dem Team für die tollen Erlebnisse.
Thomas uns Simone
we just came back from our 3days Trek with Piroon.
We had 3 amazing days including jungle hiking, outstanding food, elefant riding, bamboo rafting and a relaxed evening with Piroon playing the guitar.
We are a little exhausted right now but also very thankful that we had the chance to see and experience so many things. On the way back to chiang mai we saw where 80% of all the other tours start... Not very nice to see.
We would like to thank Piroon, his wife and his team for all the good experiences.
Thomas +Simone

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