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2014-01-18, 2:38 AM
Stuart, Sara and Eilish!

Just back from a 2 day one night trek with Piroon.
I have to say it was one of the best experiences I have had in Thailand. It has everything anyone would want out of any tour scenery, culture, food, fun, elephants, rafting, waterfalls, exercise, locals, log huts, guitars, music, beer and i dont know what else there is!
anyone visiting chiang mai, highly recommend you to contact piroon and get yourself on a 2 day trek!
you wont regret it!!

2014-01-18, 2:22 AM
Rüdiger Nausner

machten wir, eine Gruppe von vier Paaren, zusammen mit Piroon zwei Tage vor Weihnachten 2013. Die Tour stimmten wir im direkten Mailverkehr mit Piroon und seiner Frau Jit ab. Alles lief problemlos und so, wie in vielen Kommentaren bereits beschrieben.
Piroon war ein perfekter Guide und sparte nicht mit seinem Wissen über Pflanzen- und Tierwelt sowie über die Bergdörfer, die wir auf unserer Tour besuchten, abseits der sonst anzutreffenden Touristenströme. Die Märsche durch den Urwald, das Elefantenreiten und das Raffting auf einem Bambusfloss mit gründlicher Einweisung sind für jedermann machbar. Hervorzuheben ist der Anspruch von Piroon, für seine Trekking-Gäste mehr als nur ein beliebiger Tour Führer sein zu wollen. Er kümmert sich um sämtliche Belange, kocht selber mit Hilfe von Einheimischen und beschert mit seinem Gesang zur Gitarre Lagerfeuerromantik. Rückblickend nach unserer dreiwöchigen Thailand Reise müssen wir anerkennen, dass wir nie wieder so gut wie im Urwald gegessen haben. Also ein großes Lob an Piroons Kochkünste und dem Gingseng:-)
Vielen, vielen Dank für drei super Tage im Dschungel
Hans & Moni, Gerhard & Birgitta, Rüdiger & Ingrid

2014-01-11, 7:55 PM
Hedi and Wolli.

In Chiang Mai und Umgebung werden viele Trekkingtouren angeboten und das Programm hört sich im ersten Moment fast immer gleich an. Aber Trekkingtour ist nicht gleich Trekkingtour!
Bei Piroon gibt es "real trekking". Unsere 3-Tages-Tour (kurz vor Weihnachten) abseits der üblichen Touristenpfade war ein großartiges Erlebnis, sehr naturnah und authentisch und noch dazu sehr lustig. Piroon hat uns mit seiner Begeisterung, seinem Engagement, seinem Humor, seinem Wissen und natürlich mit seinen Kochkünsten sehr beeindruckt.
Wir hatten unsere Tour bereits von Deutschland aus per email mit Piroon vereinbart und alles hat perfekt funktioniert. Logistische Unterstützung leistete Piroons ebenso engagierte und herzliche Ehefrau.
Es war einfach toll!
Kop khun kha/Kop khun khrap
Hedi und Wolli

2014-01-11, 7:43 PM
Rene & Ale Knight

My husband and I decided to spend our Christmas/New Year 2014 in Thailand and we were fortunate enough to have found Piroon Nantaya – a super nice, friendly and entertaining tour guide who took us on a fun, action-pack, personalized journey through the jungle, villages, and the fantastic nature that Chiang Mai has to offer.
We arrived in Chiang Mai and one of the first things we did was to meet with Piroon and his wonderful wife - Jit. They took the time to explain the tour in details and all the essentials we needed for the trip so that we were well prepared.
On the first day, we visited a beautiful waterfall and we also swam there. The waterfall was so powerful that it felt like we were getting a water-jet massage. It was quite a spectacular experience! After hiking, we got to the Karen village where we stayed for the night. It was a charmingly idyllic farming village that truly took city people like us back to the good old humble life before electricity, automation, noise, pollution took over our lives! I had the most amazing shower that day where I stood in the creek and there was a bamboo which delivered a steady stream of water from an elevated water source. That evening, Piroon’s wife – Jit – kindly prepared a gourmet dinner for us and they were authentic (albeit not spicy) and hearty thai home dishes with all the unique, aromatic, fragrant thai herbs and flavours! If you happen to live in the western countries and are hunting for authentic thai restaurants on a regular basis like I do, you will find that Jit’s dishes put all these restaurants to shame!
The next day, we left the village and continued to hike through the woods. We had the chance to admire the natural beauty and breathe fresh air whilst constantly getting pleasant surprises from Piroon. He showed us a tree that had a natural sap which made bubbles, and he encouraged us to take on a Tarzan swing – amongst many others! Finally, we reached the river where a villager was waiting for us with his bamboo raft. The ride on the bamboo raft was very pleasant and scenic. Piroon also showed off his amazing fly fishing skills while navigating us at the front of the bamboo raft. We then arrived at the elephant camp and had lunch while the elephant was getting ready to be our chauffeur. When we got on the elephant, we sat in the wooden seat initially but Piroon encouraged us to climb up to the elephant head. We followed his advice and I must admit, it was one of the most amazing and surreal experiences we had! I was literally hugging the elephant’s ears and sitting on its head, I could feel the coarseness of its skin and most of all, I felt like I was part of the elephant and seeing the world from its view! The elephant was very sweet and well-trained. Even though we were the ones riding the elephant, and not the elephant jockey (mahout), he walked behind the elephant and was communicating to the elephant the whole time. (We later saw many other tourists sitting on the “tourist seats” on the elephants which were not at all comfortable and we know our unique experience would not have been possible had it not been Piroon!) The elephant took us to another village which was similarly charming comparing to the first one we stayed. That evening, Piroon continued to impress us with his secret stash of Thai Whisky and his guitar performance. We could not have expected a better way to finish the evening.
The next day, we said goodbye to the villagers and went back on the bamboo raft to continue our pleasant river cruise. After lunch, we were picked up by Jit in their truck and we finished the tour by visiting the long-neck village nearby. Piroon also educated us about the history of the long neck tribe and how lucky it is to be Thai! The trekking tour with Piroon was much more than what we expected. It was full of little pleasant surprises, discovery, and most of all – it was a life experience so authentic and genuine like no other! The personalized service and care that Piroon and his wife Jit showed us throughout the trip made us feel like their friends – not just some tourists! This was our most remarkable and memorable time in Thailand and it also made Chiang Mai our favourite place in Thailand compared to Bangkok and Koh Samui.
Thank you once again Piroon for your fantastic tour!
Rene :)

2014-01-07, 10:52 PM
Simon und Melanie

Hi Jit, hi Sem,
we want to thank you. It was really great that Jit picked us up directly from the Airport and also the recommendations of the Guesthouses were good. Sem is a really great Guide! We could have not have better.
The Tour was a great Experience we will never forget it and can recommend it. The Nights in the villages, the Trek through the Jungle, the Elephants and bamboorafting was great! Sem is a great Cook and always in a good mood. He also explains a lot about everything we want to know during the Tour. Many thanks to Jit for preparation and many thanks to Sem for the unforgettable experiencs!
@ Sem: Potato ---> Kartoffel

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