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We are very happy to be part of so many memories from all our guests worldwide and we would like to say thank you to anyone who has been travelling with us - be it on a trekking tour or on a private sightseeing tour.
Many of our guests would like to share their experience with Chiang Mai Trekking with others looking for a perfect trekking adventure and we will be very happy if you add your comments after your trekking tour with us to our Guestbook and/or review us at Facebook, Google or TripAdvisor.

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Comments from our valued guests

2014-01-07, 10:52 PM
Simon und Melanie

Hi Jit, hi Sem,
we want to thank you. It was really great that Jit picked us up directly from the Airport and also the recommendations of the Guesthouses were good. Sem is a really great Guide! We could have not have better.
The Tour was a great Experience we will never forget it and can recommend it. The Nights in the villages, the Trek through the Jungle, the Elephants and bamboorafting was great! Sem is a great Cook and always in a good mood. He also explains a lot about everything we want to know during the Tour. Many thanks to Jit for preparation and many thanks to Sem for the unforgettable experiencs!
@ Sem: Potato ---> Kartoffel

2014-01-07, 8:58 PM
Johannes & Nadja

Hi Sem and Piroon,
Thank you for the wonderful trekking Tour, it was an amazing Adventure we will never forget!
We thought it was very nice that you two visited us at our hotel before the trip to present us what we were going to experience.
With Sem, the best guide we could have hoped for, we had so much fun at the beautiful waterfall, the jungle, the elephant riding in the river and the bamboo rafting! The Evenings in the different villages were awesome as Sem's cooking was so delicious and sitting together at the fire, listening to his funny stories was very amusing :)
Thanks so much Sem! (Same same :))
Best regards, Johannes and Nadja.
PS: Sem, let us know if you visit Germany one day! We 'll catch up then!!

2014-01-07, 3:12 PM
Janos & Maike

We went on a 3 day Trekking Trip with our guide Sam and it was one of the best experiences in Thailand!
It was great to be in the nature all day away from any stress and noise. We were a group of 6 persons and Sam made us feel comfortable and safe at any time. We had a lot of fun with the bamboo rafting.
Also great was the thai food that Sam and his mates prepared for us. Absolutely delicious!
Maybe the best thing about our trip was Sam itself who was so friendly, helpful and always in a good mood!
Thank you very much Sam. All the best for you!
Janos & Maike

2014-01-03, 1:22 PM
Florain & Lisa.

We did the 3 day trekking tour with Piroon in June 2013 during our Honeymoon. It was the best trip we ever had. After a short inspection of our fitness the day before we decided to take the hunters path right through the jungle
After a short stop at a typical market to buy our food for the next days and a stop at a waterfall where we could take a bath we started at the first day with an exciting tour through the jungle. There Piroon always told us everything about the wildlife and showed us some tricks to survive in the jungle. After 4 hours walking we reached the first camp where we could have a shower in the small river next to our hut. To our surprise Piroon prepared a 4 course menu for us with a delicious chicken-curry, fresh self-made spring rolls, beef-vegetables and a fresh rice. We have never been eating such a good rice before! (also thanks Piroon for the Action cooking over the open flame).
After a breakfast with eggs and fresh fruits we started our trip the second day in the morning. We passed rice fields, walked through the jungle, saw a snake and other animals, walked through a river (shoes in our hands) an reached 4 hours later the elephant camp where we got some fresh cooked noodles. The elephant ride was excellent. We where riding the elephant for 2 hours along and through a river and finally reached our second camp. After a second delicious 4 course menu we could enjoy the musical talent of Piroon who sang us some songs while we were drinking beer.
The third day started again with fresh fruits, eggs and banana-pring-rolls with honey from the jungle! Afterwards the bamboo-rafting started. 2 hours on a wild river only on some bamboo rods tied together through the jungle -unforgettable awesome. Finally on the way back home we made a stop at a butterfly and orchid farm and were drinking a fresh coconut at a market stand on the street.
Finally we can only recommend the trekking tour with Piroon. Good speaking english, good entertainment, exciting tour through the jungle and not along some streets, delicious cooking.
Thank you for making our start of the honeymoon unforgettable.
Florain & Lisa :)

2013-10-15, 6:32 PM
Petra, Manfred, Henry und Felix

Lieber Piroon,
unser Trip mit Dir ist schon etwas länger her, aber die 3 Tage , an denen wir erschöpft aber vollkommen glücklich abends in einer Hütte fernab jeder Touristenpfade saßen und Deine köstlichen Speisen genossen haben, werden unvergessen bleiben. Was wir gesehen und gelernt haben, findet man in keinem Reiseführer. Aus Deinen Augen Thailand zu sehen, war auch für unsere Jungs überaus wertvoll.
Die herzlichsten Grüße an Dich und Deine Familie von den
4 Wölfen
PS: Ein Foto von uns und Olli kommt per mail

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