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We are very happy to be part of so many memories from all our guests worldwide and we would like to say thank you to anyone who has been travelling with us - be it on a trekking tour or on a private sightseeing tour.
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2015-11-16, 6:03 AM
Tanja & Tobi

We went to a 3 day trekking tour. Hiking, waterfall swimming, elephant riding and bamboo rafting. Our guide Mike actually was one of the Karen we visited during our first overnight stay in the Karen village. Thus he had great insight about the life in the village and we actually met his family too. Unlike many other trekking tours in Chiang Mai the elephant riding and bamboo rafting were an integral part of the trip to get to the next destination and not like merry-go-round. The elephants did not have to walk on the streets and were let into the jungle overnight to feed themselves. It really felt like they have a good life and were treated good. The villages we visited felt very authentic, we did feel we were visiting a genuine culture. Mike's cooking was very nice too, he had lots of personal stories to share about living in and outside of the Karen village. Thanks Mike for this great experience, if I come back I will definitely do a tour with you and Chiang Mai Trekking again!

2015-11-15, 8:57 AM
Tyler and Brittany

My wife and I just got home from the 3 day 2 night trek with Mike as our tour guide. This tour was a little more expensive than other tours in Chiang Mai but for good reason! Our guild was born and raised in the Karen Village that we stopped at the first night after a 3 hour challenging hike through the jungle (would be suitable for all ages). He was sooo great and gave us alot of insight and knowledge into the daily life and culture or the people from both hilltribes we stayed at! This trek as also alot more authentic than other tours as rather than after doing the trek you just go somewhere else and ride elephants and go bamboo rafting at another place....bother are incorporated into the journey and the elephants live in the jungle rather than a camp and are only rode a couple times a day rather than all day unlike other places. And rather than a short half hour bamboo raft we did 45 mins of bamboo rafting the second day to get to the elephant camp and another 2 and a half hours the last day to finsh off the trek! There was no electricity in either of the villages and the food was cooked fresh over a fire! If you are looking for an Authentic Thai Experience look no further!

2015-10-20, 1:57 AM

I can only recommend the chiang mai trekking tour. We were very well prepared before our trip, with a list of what we needed and an detailed plan of the stations of the tour. Since our backpacks weren't perfect for the tour, we were given 3 backpacks.
Out two guides were absolutely great. They always notices when we couldn't keep up the pace, and made enough breaks. The Walk on the first day was one of the most exhaustings things I ever did, but so worth it. Beautiful views, amazing plants, interesting facts about the forest and the hilltribes.
Both cabins on the first and seconds nights were great, we had 'normal' toilets, and I enjoyed the shower in the river so much!
The dinner, cooked by our guides, and the springrolls we made together with them were the best (!!) food we had in our 4 week stay in Thailand/Cambodia. The evenings were nice, one of the guides played the guitar for us one night.
On the second day of the tour I fell down and had a little wound on my knee. The guides were prepared for things like that and fixed me up with tons of disinfectant and a bamboo-walking-stick and kept looking out and asking me if I was okay.
Back home I was asked if I wanted to go a hospital. We were taken there and assisted with everything.
All in all, this was one of the most memorable experience during our vacation - we had so much fun!

2015-10-19, 3:56 PM

As I wished to avoid all the touristic nonsense such as zoo-like, artificial places with the elephants, not to mention the long-necked Karen people, I decided to do a 3-day jungle expedition privately with Chiangmai-Trekking at the beginning of September.
This eco-friendly company, run by Jit & Piroon, tailored various activities (trekking, swimming, bamboo rafting, white water rafting and zip-lining) to my individual needs and offered me an incredibly memorable experience.
Throughout the 3-day tour I was guided by Somboon and visited a waterfall, hot springs/geyser, local market and stayed with warm-hearted hilltribe people in their villages. Somboon has a passion for nature, a vast knowledge of the fauna and flora in the area and a good rapport with the locals.
As a single woman who was travelling alone, safety was crucial for me. In that context, I have to emphasise the highly professional and ethical conduct of the staff at Chiangmai-Trekking. I felt absolutely safe and respected at all times.
I look forward to going back.
Thank you.

2015-07-09, 10:25 AM
Jacqueline und Dennis

Wir waren im März mit Piroon auf einer 3 Tages Tour. Wie schon von vielen anderen beschrieben, war die Tour super organisiert und sehr informativ. Die Herzlichkeit der beiden ist einfach super. Zunächst hatten sie uns vom Bahnhof abgeholt wobei das gar nicht in den Leistungen eigentlich inkludiert ist. Als unser Rucksack gerissen ist konnte es kein Schneider in Chiang Mai richten. Als ich es Piroon sagte nahm er ihnen mit sich und am nächsten morgen gab er ihn uns repariert zurück. Er erledigte das selbst. Piroon und Jit führen ihre Touren sehr nachhaltig mit Bezug auf Menschen und Natur. Die beiden bieten auch ein Guesthouse an in einer ruhigen Seitenstraße direkt in chiang mai downtown. Sehr sauber und klimatisiert und zu empfehlen. Danke nochmals für diese große Freundlichkeit euch beiden. Wir kommen gerne wieder. Best wishes Jacqueline und Dennis

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